The Council Conclusions on the Protection of Vulnerable Adults across the European Union have been published this week at the OJEU (C 330I, 17.8.2021, p. 1).

Extract : « The Council invites the Commission to:

On civil law matters

— assess possible actions to encourage further Member States to ratify the 2000 Hague Convention as swiftly as possible;

— conduct a thorough study aimed at carefully reflecting on and assessing how the European Union could further strengthen the protection of vulnerable adults in cross-border situations;

— consider the possible need for a legal framework within the European Union to facilitate the free circulation of judicial and extrajudicial decisions on the protection of vulnerable adults in civil matters, which might also include powers of representation, and advance directives on medical treatment;

— present to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee a report on the results of the study, accompanied, if necessary, by legislative proposals ».

It is likely that the issue will become more and more pressing as time passes since no European country reaches the demographic survival rate (renewal of population : 2.1).