The Experts’ Group on International Transfer of Maintenance Funds met last week in The Hague. The experts adopted several Conclusions & Recommendations.

Extracts: « Transfer costs

All participants agreed that there is a need to find solutions for the international transfer of funds which would result in increased transparency and cost reduction. Creditors should not bear the costs related to the transfer of funds. Consideration should be given to explore a future solution where the institution(s) facilitating the transfer of funds could cover the costs of such transfers by withholding the amounts for a few days. A good practice is for the requested Central Authority to have arrangements with their bank to cover the fees (“details of charges: OUR”) and for the requested Central Authority to obtain confirmation from the requesting Central Authority that the amount received is the same as the amount sent and, where applicable, information on the reasons for any difference.


Bundled payments

It was noted that bundled payments do result in savings on transfer costs, but may involve some delay resulting from processing time. It was noted that automation can alleviate these delays and could require fewer resources”.

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